Everyone needs an editor. This is a universal constant in writing the same way the speed of light is a universal constant in physics. Editors are instant objectivity. Writers surrender objectivity when they write the first word of the first sentence; they are submerged in the project. Any writer who has put a piece of writing aside for some period of time and then returned to it understands the truth of this statement. The degree to which a writer wants to rewrite that piece of writing is the proof of how valuable an editor is to the writing process.

We assume that you want your writing to be as good as you can make it, and so we won’t coddle you or encourage you with vague statements or half-truths. We also won’t discourage you with sarcasm or attack your competence: we will treat you like a professional. If you want to hear that your writing is perfect, show it to your mother. If you want to find out what you’re doing right, what needs improvement, what needs a slightly different focus, or what should be expanded or omitted altogether, show it to us.

Critical reading is a skill that develops over time. Someone who reads your work as a favor most likely doesn’t have the experience or vocabulary to help you understand how to improve it; they can tell you if they liked it or not, maybe what parts they particularly liked or didn’t quite get, but mostly you will walk away from the experience with little or, at best, a vague understanding of what to do differently. Even other members of your writing group, struggling with the same problems of story creation and execution, will only be able to offer sporadic insight into the process.

If you want to be a writer you have to teach yourself by reading and writing every day and being detached from your work. We can help you, but that’s all we can do. The really heavy lifting is up to you.

Manuscript Evaluations

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NOTE ms = manuscript, pr = printed, pg = page, hr = hour, wd = word

Editorial Service Estimated Pace Range of Fees
Manuscript Evaluation $45-55 per hour
Copy editing (manuscript) 1-10 ms pages per hour $30-50 per hour
Copy editing (web content) $40-50 per hour
Developmental Editing 1-10 ms pages per hour $45 per hour
Substantive Editing 1-5 $45-60 per hour
Books 6-10 pages per hour $45-85 per hour
Newsletters 1-4 pages per hour $40-100 per hour
Website $16-20 per ms page
Ghost Writing $50-60 per hour
Grants and Proposals $50-60/hr
Tecnical $50 per hour

What you get for your money

Manuscript Evaluation We’ll read your manuscript and write a report that covers the important aspects of the writing. Is the story coherent? Are themes adequately developed? Is the plot intact (no loose ends, no holes, and no forgotten characters)? Are characters vivid and differentiated? Are characters static or do they change? We will evaluate the execution in terms of your level of proficiency as a writer and suggest areas for refinement or improvement. We will give you our opinion about how publishable the manuscript is in its current condition and what you have to do to achieve a threshold level of quality. We will return this report and make time for a follow-up discussion it in a phone call.
Copy Editing (manuscript) Copy editing is checking for typos and making sure that the writing adheres to the accepted rules of grammar. We are experienced literary and technical copy editors, and we can apply different style guides to a manuscript. We perform copy edits in Microsoft Word using Track Changes so you can see pattern of the edits and accept or reject them individually.
Copy Editing (web content) We understand the difference between writing for the web and writing for a linear narrative. Web style depends on conciseness and the direct presentation of information. We perform copy edits in Microsoft Word using Track Changes so you can see pattern of the edits and accept or reject them individually.
Developmental Editing In book length manuscripts, a developmental edit is concerned with the pace of a story, the introduction and development of story elements such as plot points, thematic threads, and characterization. A developmental edit helps you to establish the direction of the story and to create characters. We perform Developmental edits chapter by chapter or on chapter outlines in Microsoft Word using Track Changes. Developmental editing emphasizes different things than a copy or substantive edit, so there will be many more comments than line edits.
Substantive Editing Substantive editing is concerned with the execution of the story that was first established during a developmental edit. It is a line edit concerned with the written word and its stylistic application. This type of edit ensures that the sentences are tight, the characters true to themselves through their thoughts and actions, the grammar is correct (distinguishing between narrative grammar and the grammar of the dialogue and how grammatical expression helps to create and differentiate characters). We perform Substantive edits in Microsoft Word using Track Changes.