Meet the Authors of Blood And Thunder Press

Charles Barnitz


Elise Blanchette


Steven LeRoy Nelson


Charles Barnitz sets his stories in the transitional world between the collapse of the Roman Empire and the feudal period, when nation states were coalescing from the tribal chaos of the migration period. His cult favorite, The Deepest Sea, is a look at the early expansion of the Vikings and the beginning of what we now think of as the Viking Age. His other work, set in late 8th century Britain, is an examination of the time when England was still composed of rival kingdoms and the Church exerted as much influence on the secular world as the spiritual.

Think of Phillip Marlowe in the Middle Ages with a knife, an attitude, and a good deal of ironic detachment. Hring, a former monk, is out to see balance restored, even if it takes a little creative interpretation of the law to bring the guilty men to the rope.

Elise Blanchette writes supernatural suspense with a bit of history, time travel and horror thrown in. She has always loved ghost stories, gothic mysteries, and novels that explore our multi-faceted reality. Her current work, Knowledge of the Night, is her third novel, and is set in Estes Park, Colorado, in a present that is under assault by a past that refuses to die. Knowledge Of The Night deals with the themes of loss – both of those we love, and aspects within ourselves, and the redemption of the Self through change. Change is both a death and a birth, and this novel is an exploration of ordinary people in great peril that must face their challenges and master their situations, or perish.

Elise is a nationally published poet and an award-winning journalist and short story writer.

Steven LeRoy Nelson writes comic noir mysteries narrated by Axel Hatchett, a 1950s private eye. He's rumpled, irritable, sarcastic, and has a keen eye for the ladies – that is, until a mouthy waitress in a sleazy diner wins his heart. A cross between Raymond Chandler and Richard Powell, these novels will definitely make you chuckle, or laugh out loud. Steven currently has five mysteries available in the series, and we will be bringing out two more, “Jack the Roper” and “The Flickering Torch Singer” soon – keep an eye on the our New Releases page.

Steven is an award-winning humorist whose short fiction has appeared in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, The Leviathan, Fire and Ice, and numerous other publications. He lives in Colorado and, when not researching poisons and polishing his skull collection, is working on his 10th novel.