I have always loved ghost stories, gothic mysteries, and novels that explore our layered realities. I also love a sense of peril and the struggle of good against evil that results in the transformation or metamorphosis of the heroes and heroines within the tale.

Like all nascent writers, I enjoyed stories, whether told, read, or watched on the screen. However, it was when I was reading Elizabeth Goudge's The Child From the Sea that I knew I wanted to be a writer. It was a huge book, and I was showing off in front of my other 12-year-old friends when I pulled it off the library shelf and checked it out. I didn't expect that it would utterly entrance me, or would exert such a powerful influence over my evolving literary tastes and lifelong ambitions. Goudge's writing is lush, multi-layered, and thought-provoking. She started me off on a mad cycle of reading, followed by explorations in writing poetry and fiction. I won my first national poetry competition and published at the age of 16, and won a fiction contest at 17, resulting in my first story being published in Empire Magazine. Lovers of story become storytellers, and then inspire the next generation of story lovers.

The premise for KNOWLEDGE OF THE NIGHT evolved out of a dream in which I was communing with a ghost. She was a sorrowful spirit who was desperate to communicate with the man her child had become, but could not. I awakened with a wet face, feeling her despair and love and helplessness, and began to write. We all know something of the dark night of the soul -- we have all been fearful, desperate, sorrowing, or anxious at one time or another, or have known a transformative grief that has marked us. What counts, in the end, is how we respond to our knowledge of the night. Does it transform us, or does it destroy us? And is it our choice, or is this choice beyond us?



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Gordon Melville, grieving over the loss of his wife, hires Ute shaman Richard Drum Man to perform a Ghost Dance to release his sorrow. Both men get much more than they expect as they inadvertently open a portal between the Past and Present, causing layers of time to overlap and the dead to walk. The two must reverse the effects of the Ghost Dance before the evil entity they’ve awakened destroys everything and everyone they love, but it may be too late for Drum Man’s ten-year-old daughter to escape from the twisted soul they’ve summoned.