STEVEN LEROY NELSON I began storytelling before I began writing. My stories went from oral to written at about the age of ten or eleven. Those first stories were undoubtedly miserably written, but they gave me a strange satisfaction. As all children, I had complete command of my imagination at the time. However, writing my stories brought the use of my imagination to a higher – adult – level. Ursula K. Le Guin said that a writer is a child that has survived. I agree with that. Imagining does not end with the beginning of adulthood. Most novels and movies are created by adults, as are children’s toys. As a writer, I raise my simple childish invention to a higher level. I prefer to write Blood and Thunder stories, which involve mystery, mayhem, suspense, and a large dollop of humor. You can think of my mysteries as a cross between Dashiell Hammett and Mel Brooks (though my Western mystery is more like a mash-up of Louis L’Amor and old episodes of Maverick). All the usual suspects are lined up where they should be, but the world is off kilter and my stories are designed to make you laugh.


Axel Hatchett Mystery Series


Axel Hatchett Mystery Vol. 1
[ISBN: 978-1-940469-00-3] Kindle: $4.99 Paperback: $9.95
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When 1950s private eye Axel Hatchett is hired by a delectable redhead to turn up her missing husband, Hatchett discovers that the man is not only still alive, but is armed, probably crazy, and is on a killing spree that may include Hatchett! But something stinks about this case — big time — and it’s not Hatchett’s pet skunk, Ambrosia.


Axel Hatchett Mystery Vol. 2
[ISBN: 978-1-940469-02-7] Kindle: $4.99 Paperback: $9.95
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After 1950s gumshoe Axel Hatchett is hired to protect a used car dealer from a threat of murder, Hatchett finds himself in a nest of rattlesnakes. When the car dealer is bumped off, and Hatchett’s prime suspect is murdered, the sleuth is forced to shuffle his deck of suspects to solve the two killings before another corpse is added to the discard pile. And to make matters worse, he’s falling for a mouthy waitress who works in a sleazy diner….


Axel Hatchett Mystery Vol. 3
[ISBN: 978-1-940469-01-0] Kindle: $4.99 Paperback: $9.95
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Rumpled 1950s sleuth Axel Hatchett is summoned to the Flinders Mansion to solve a millionaire’s gruesome murder. After a fierce blizzard knocks out the power and closes the roads, Hatchett is trapped in the candle-lit mansion with an eccentric array of terrified guests and servants. Hatchett is determined to survive, but he has only one clue to go on: a sinister gray toupee.


Axel Hatchett Mystery Vol. 4
[ISBN: 978-1-940469-03-4] Kindle: $4.99 Paperback: $9.95
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When thieves snatch a statue of the bird-headed Egyptian god, Thoth, and drop its owner from a third-story window, 1950s private detective Axel Hatchett is set on their trail. But wait! – there are actually three statues, and one of them may contain a treasure map! Hatchett enlists the aid of his hash-slinging fiancée and a snake-handling English professor to help solve the case of the three cursing birds.


Axel Hatchett Mystery Vol. 5
[ISBN: 978-1-940469-04-1] Kindle: $4.99 Paperback: $9.95
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In all his years of sleuthing, snarky 1950s private eye Axel Hatchett has never faced a case like this: a bear trained to kill. Hatchett finds himself hunted by a deadly two-legged predator whose bullet comes unnervingly close to Hatchett’s new wife, and that has Hatchett seeing red! Armed with a revolver and his caustic wits, Hatchett is out to solve a grizzly killing, or die trying.



Axel Hatchett Mystery Vol. 6
[ISBN: 978-1-940469-06-5] Kindle: $4.99 Paperback: $9.95
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1950s private sleuth, Axel Hatchett, is looking forward to a relaxing, belated, honeymoon in the high lonesome at a dude ranch. But before it can start, Axe tries to solve the disappearance of a purloined bunny, ending up with a cracked skull, and it’s not the rabbit’s. When he and Tracy finally arrive at the dude ranch, Axe expects nothing worse than bad beans and bucking broncos. Instead, bullets and a hangman’s noose await the newlyweds.


Axel Hatchett Mystery Vol. 7
[ISBN: 978-1-940469-06-5] Kindle: $4.99 Paperback: $9.95
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When Axel Hatchett, 1950s detective, steps up to help his friends with their failing night club, he has no idea that he’s embarking on a twisted, flickering road that will lead him to put his life on the line to protect a smoldering torch singer from a murderous stalker. And that’s before he tangles with the infamous gangster, Pennsylvania Dutch!